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If you found this page then you are probably in need of some help with your problem. You won't find any fancy psycho-babble, research statistics, or marketing gimmicks here.

If you are being stalked you already know what the definition of stalking is. Besides, you can research the problem ad nauseam via the internet. If you feel compelled to continue your schooling than I have provided a basket full of links to help quench your curiosity.

What you will find on this page is real world help. If you are at the point where you feel that you need some assistance then give me a call. Please note that I will not deal with internet alias's, or vague generalities. If you feel that you need to retain your confidentially, then you may want to start out with a well established hotline. I cannot, and will not consider addressing any situation where I cannot verify names, addresses, events, etc.

If you do engage me you will be working with one of the true specialist in the field (see credentials). I work alone and utilize a small support staff. I rarely take on more than 18 cases per year. So you will receive the personal attention that you deserve for such a serious matter.






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If you are interested in talking to someone regarding your current situation, please call one of the numbers listed below and ask to speak to someone regarding the "Stalk No More Program". Alternatively you can email us at and someone will reply to your questions.


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You and only you can be the judge as to whether or not you are being stalked. Learn all that you can about Stalking. The internet is chockfull of excellent resource material on the subject. Their is an abundance of associations, hot-lines, and government agencies that can also advise you on the subject.

If you seek my assistance, then you have deemed your situation serious enough to merit professional intervention. I will gladly discuss my conditions with you during our initial conversation.

Lastly, the key word that I will leave you with is ACTION. Please do not ignore a Stalking incident. It is a very serious matter that deserves your attention. Follow all the rules of deterence and heed the advice of others. Feel free to call me and discuss your circumstances. Remember you are not alone and support is available.

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"Love Me Not " Los Angeles County/SoCal anti-stalking website

What is Stalking?
Unwanted pursuit. This is probably the best term to define stalking. There are many different behaviors that can be called stalking, but all share two common features: they involve actions not wanted by the victim and they threaten or cause fear to the victim. New ways of stalking emerge frequently and no list can encompass them all, but stalking often includes:

Warning Signs
There is no one list of warning signs that will tell you if you are a victim. You are the expert. If you are in a relationship that is concerning you, some warning signs to watch for include:
Frequent loss of temper
Abuse of alcohol and/or drugs
Extreme jealousy
Expects you to spend all of your time with him or inform him of your whereabouts
Physical or verbal abuse
Damage or destruction to your property
Puts you down in front of your friends
Talks about violence or is fascinated with themes of violence
Makes your family or friends feel scared or uneasy
Offers of unsolicited help
Refuses to accept "no" for an answer
Isolates you from your friends and/or family
Following or surveillance
Inappropriate approaches and confrontations
Appearing at a place of work or residence
Unwanted telephone calls
Threats to family and friends
Unwanted letters
Unwanted or threatening gifts
Unwanted pages or e-mail
Damage to property

LACAAW Stalking Hotline

Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Hotline

LADA Stalking & Threat Assessment Team

Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women

Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Council

Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Stalking Unit

Los Angeles Police Department Threat Management Unit

Stalking Bibliography

LA County D.A.'s Office

U.S. Dept. of Justice

Office of Criminal Justice Planning - CA

National Center for Victims of Crime

National Institute of Justice

Center for Disease Control - Family and Intiemate Violence Prevention

Stalking Sanctuary

Project Sister

University of Southern California - Center for Women and Men

UCLA Resource Center


Alabama Stalking Law

Alabama Stalking Law

Ana's Stalking Resource Stalking Links * National Victim Center Not only do they have extensive information on Stalking, they also have information on other topics.

C.A.A.D.V., California Alliance Against Domestic Violence

Canada's Criminal Law: Stalking

Channel 4000 - Cop Accused of Stalking Goes to Court

Connecticut Stalking Laws

Stalking in the first degree: Class D felony. (a) A person is guilty of stalking in the first degree when he commits stalking in the second degree as provided in section 53a-181d and

Court TV's Legal Cafe: Stalking (Other Links)
Stalking: Explore the Web Our favorite sites about stalking laws: The Stalking Victims' Sanctuary How to know when you're being stalked, how to handle it, and how to regain control of your life.

Stalking for Beginners - Believe it or not here is a page that will teach you how to Stalk

Crime of Stalking Does Not Create Tort of Stalking Description Georgia appeals court held that the fact that stalking is a crime does not create stalking as a tort. Given the facts of the case, there were torts of invasion of privacy and infliction.

Crime Spider
Crawling the web for the best crime and law enforcement sites. Reviewed links to sites on behavioral psychology, profiling, stalking and other crime-related information.

Cyber Stalking
Cyber Stalking I did another slideshow, but this one was on cyberstalking. I researched this topic and find a lot of information on it. I didn't realize that its was such a problem. The good news is they are trying to get new laws passed on this...

There are already many laws at both the State and Federal levels that address the crime of physical stalking. The computer and the Internet can be used as tools by the physical stalker. But they could also be used exclusively by a "cyber-stalker...

Domestic Violence
Magic Stream Domestic Violence: Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence Handbook. Domestic Violence Hotlines. Domestic Violence Information. Family

Domestic Violence, Stalking....
Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Antistalking Legislation Annual Report to Congress March 1996 U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs National...

Goddess Magazine- Stalking On The Net Stalking on the Net, by Asterix

Helpful Resources for Victims of Stalking On Line Resources and support for victims of stalking.

Hot Topics: Stalking National Center for Victims of Crime Quick Menu; Index;

Idaho Council on Domestic Violence
Stalking articles statistics Links to resources on Stalking Are You Being Stalked? Tips from the police in British Columbia,
Canada. Payette man arrested for stalking, kidnapping, battery -

Index of /stalkvictim

Justice Dept Report Calls For New Cyber-Stalking Laws

Law FAQS for Youth - Laws of Canada - Stalking
ACJNet, the information source for Canadian laws and justice. You can discuss legal and justice issues, read documents on
laws and lesson plans on laws, search legal databases, links to law and justice sites, to

National Victim Center Provides safety strategies and advice for domestic violence and stalking victims.

Privacy and Self Defense Privacy and self-defense--types from a survivor of stalking (English)

Quick guide to bullying and related issues: links, books, resource Guide to Bully OnLine: bullying, harassment, stalking

Sacramento Area Stalking Survivors We are a help group that assists the stalking victim in working to ensure his or her own

Space, Sex, and Stalkers Pamela Gilbert examines the ambiguity of proximity and space in relation to online stalking.

Stalked Resources for stalking victims. True accounts. Legal definitons of stalking. What to do if you are stalked. Psychological profiles of different stalker behaviors.

Discover everything you want to know About Law Enforcement. Find out About law enforcement agencies and lifestyles
worldwide. Read stories written by police and much more

STALKING SURVIVORS OF STALKING, INC. Stalking: The National Victim Center

California Penal Code 646.9: "Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person and who make a credible threat

These links were created and are archived by NotVictims at Welcome

Stalking by Rodney Petersen WHEREAS, stalking, sexual harassment, and violence are issues of considerable concern to
college and university administrators and campus law enforcement; and

Stalking. A female student meets a male student through a group class project. The group members exchange phone numbers,
and the man calls the woman

Stalking Related Term Assault Crime and criminals Crimes against women

STALKING DEFINITION: A stalker "willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows or harasses another person, and makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear of death or bodily injury." (Florida Statutes 1995, Chapter 784.048)

STALKING SURVIVORS OF STALKING, INC. Stalking: The National Victim Center Return to Dundee-Crown Media Center home page Return to List of Topics comments or suggestions?

Stalking and bullying advice and guidance on stalking (English)

Stalking and harassment cases
ISE Stalking and harassment cases (English) Not Rated

Stalking and Harassment, stalker threat management, close protect
The UK Intelligence and Security Executive is a group regulatory body that provides a forum for UK-based investigative and
security agencies. (English) Not Rated

Stalking Behaviors

Stalking Behaviors

Stalking Countermeasures
wall between you and the stalker! HOW TO LOSE ANYONE ANYWHERE© REVISED FOR 1999!

Stalking Facts / Information
Stalking HOME (Stalking) Contact Us Federal Sites Facts/General Information State Legislative Information Cyber-Stalking On-Line Help ILJ Home ILJ Projects Facts and General Information Stalker Information Page (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) Stalking..98%

Stalking Information and Links

STALKING You know a few things about me, dear sweetheart Like my obsession with fantasy But what the rabble don't yet understand Is that fantasies become reality in my world. .John Hinkley Jr. Profile of A Stalker Stalking Empirical Research...

Stalking Law
By Brenda Miele After the first stalking law was declared unconstitutional in 1996, Gov. George W. Bush signed an anti-stalking
bill into law in January.59%

+Stalking Law Upheld
Stalking Law Upheld The Stalking Law withstood it's first constitutional challenge November 3rd. A Multnomah County Circuit
Judge denied arguments by a defendant's attorney that the law was overbroad and intruded upon civil liberties. H.B. 2316 was.

Stalking Legislation: Maryland
Stalking. 1998. (a) (1) In this section the following words have the meanings indicated. (2) "Course of conduct" means a
persistent pattern of conduct, composed of a series of acts over a period of time, that evidences a continuity of purpose.

Stalking of Sheilah Quinn, The
Stalking of Sheilah Quinn, The, by Healy, Jeremiah. Book Review by Lawyer Briefs, The On-Line Bookstore for Lawyer Fiction.98%

Stalking Rescue Information main page
What can we do for you? Provide response services. Provide proactive planning strategies. Provide education to improve
awareness. Provide realistic... Last modified on: 22-Jun-1999 - 5K bytes - in English Not Rated

Stalking Statistics
Stalking Statistics Eight percent of women and 2% of men in the United States have been stalked at some point in their lives. In
other words, one out of every twelve American women (8.2 million) and one out of every 45 American men (2 million) have been
stalking victims (Tjaden & Thoennes, 1998).58%

Stalking suspect arrested
©South Bend Tribune -- October 24, 1998 Stalking suspect arrested By BRUCE VON DEYLEN and MARTI GOODLAD HELINE
Tribune Staff Writers SOUTH BEND--A 46-year-old New Carlisle man has been charged with stalking a local television news
reporter for.Not Rated

Stalking Victims Resource Page
Welcome to the Stalking Victims Information Resource Page! "Brick Wall" Stalking Countermeasures "HOW TO LOSE
ANYONE ANYWHERE©" Revised for "99" by Michael Scott $29.95 The most complete and detailed manual on stalking
countermeasures ever published! 60%

Stalking, On-Line Help
On-Line Help On-Line Help Contact Us HOME (Stalking) Federal Sites Facts/General Information State Legislative Information
ILJ Home ILJ Projects 61%

Stalking/Overlast/Social Work at a police station, and other stuff.
Stalking, Overlast, ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder, Social Work Police, Adult ADHD, Melkertbaan, Maatschappelijk werk, The
Netherlands, Corna Dirks 58%


Stop the Stalking
--Find Related Message Boards-- Browse Categories and Search FAQ's (board administrators) Login to Administration Area
CLICK HERE Stop the Stalking To post a new message, click here. Wuzzle-Bee's Letter Friday, 18-Feb-2000 18:17:26
Message: 4.54...98%

Survivors of Stalking, Inc.

T.P.I. -- CRIM. 30.12 - STALKING
Any person who commits the offense of stalking is guilty of a crime. For you to find the
defendant guilty of this... Last modified on: 20-Apr-1998 - 4K bytes - in English
Not Rated

TGC Resources: Battered Spouse
battered spouse, domestic violence, rape, stalking, physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, battered women, National
Hotlines, sexual assault, family violence, family crisis, sexual violence, (English)
Not Rated

The psychology of stalking (in MARION)
The psychology of stalking Title: The psychology of stalking : clinical and forensic perspectives / edited by J. Reid Meloy. Author:
Meloy, J. Reid. Published: San Diego ; Toronto : Academic Press, c1998. Subject: Stalking --Psychological aspects..

The Stalking Victims' Sanctuary - A Safe Place For Victim's of Stalkin...
The Stalking Victims' Sanctuary provides support and information for those victims of stalking crimes. If you need somewhere to
turn, start here and begin regaining control of your life. Excellent resource lists, support chat room, and more. Stalker, Stalking,
victim, crime, stalking victim

Victims of Stalking Resources
Survivors Of Stalking, Inc. (S.O.S.) was founded in April 1995 by a past stalking victim who wanted to help others and keep this
devastating, and frequently misunderstood, crime from happening to anyone else..
Not Rated

Viewpoint -- Stalking
Researchers estimate that one million women and four hundred thousand men are stalked each year in the United States. One
third of all women killed by their boyfriends or husbands were stalked before their deaths. What help does the law offer to...

Violence Against Women Act of 1994
Read through this important legislation dedicated to acts of violence against women. Stalking, immigration, and sexual assault
are addressed.
Not Rated

Warren man accused of stalking girls evades police
Next Story Return to the section index Return to The Detroit News Home Page July 14, 1996 Warren man accused of stalking
girls evades police By Mark Puls / The Detroit News A 25-year-old Warren man accused of stalking two high-school girls

Welcome to my stalking page!!!
Welcome to my stalking page!!! Share your stalking expriences with me

Welcome to Web Police
Web Police is one of the largest crime fighting agencies in the world with offices in 435 cities in 104 countries.Investigations
range from simple... Last modified on: 1-Aug-1999 - 63K bytes - in English

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